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The Struggle and Duality of Artist Life + BTS Photos from Long Live the Queen!

When you surround yourself with creative people, amazing things can happen. Someone once said to me that to be an artist is to have the ability to believe in two completely contradictory statements.  I am that walking contradiction. On one hand, I find that I can be one of the…

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Behind the Scenes: The Crown of Loda – Conceptual Photography Tutorial Color Grading

Background I am surrounded by inspiring and creative people.  I’m not sure if this happened on purpose or if it’s something I lucked myself into, but I truly am a fortunate dude. Between my family and friends, the people I work with, and my amazing studiomates (shout out to my…

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The Heir of Plavalaguna – Behind the Scenes

It has been a while since I’ve had the opportunity to sit down and do a little writeup for my site and quite honestly, it feels amazing to be back! Over the past 2 months or so, I’ve found myself becoming obsessed with costumes and special effects makeup.  In fact,…

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Death in the Family – Before and After Conceptual Photography Edit

When I was starting off in photography, a big resource to help expand my knowledge were the before-and-after photos other photographers would share with me.  When given the chance to see a before photo, more often than not the a lot of the techniques used by the photographer become extraordinarily…

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I’ve really been inspired by underwater photography as of late.  While I do have access to an underwater case, Chicago’s frigid weather sort of limits our options (and sadly, I don’t know anyone with a pool). I had to improvise. The following shot was setup as follows: As you’ll notice this is a 3-light…

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Chicago Commercial Photography – Mountain Dew Ad Step by Step

I’ve been slowly working on a collection of commercial art projects over the past few months and felt it was time to share this one with you guys.  When deciding on a product to use, I knew I wanted to do a photograph where the product in question would illuminate…

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