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Behind the Scenes: The Crown of Loda – Conceptual Photography Tutorial Color Grading

Background I am surrounded by inspiring and creative people.  I’m not sure if this happened on purpose or if it’s something I lucked myself into, but I truly am a fortunate dude. Between my family and friends, the people I work with, and my amazing studiomates (shout out to my…

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Death in the Family – Before and After Conceptual Photography Edit

When I was starting off in photography, a big resource to help expand my knowledge were the before-and-after photos other photographers would share with me.  When given the chance to see a before photo, more often than not the a lot of the techniques used by the photographer become extraordinarily…

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Chicago Commercial Photography – Mountain Dew Ad Step by Step

I’ve been slowly working on a collection of commercial art projects over the past few months and felt it was time to share this one with you guys.  When deciding on a product to use, I knew I wanted to do a photograph where the product in question would illuminate…

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