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Death in the Family – Before and After Conceptual Photography Edit

When I was starting off in photography, a big resource to help expand my knowledge were the before-and-after photos other photographers would share with me.  When given the chance to see a before photo, more often than not the a lot of the techniques used by the photographer become extraordinarily apparent.  The first step when breaking down a photo is to ascertain which parts are photoshopped, and what was done out of camera.  From there, it becomes easier to identify how they achieved the photo.  Below, you’ll see the before and after of a recent piece entitled “Death in the Family” featuring Christine Carter.

As a resource for you all, I also want to share the PSD file. From there, you’ll be able to see the textures and various curves adjustments I did to achieve this look. The download is available below!

Includes PSD file!
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